Celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Grandparents as Parents
September 9, 2014
Bullying and Prevention Awareness Month
October 16, 2014

RedRibbonLogoregisteredBy: Patrice Barden, MSW Candidate & Shannon Hill, LMSW, CPS-M

We may know what the color of certain ribbons symbolize (i.e. pink for breast cancer awareness), but do we know what a red ribbon symbolizes? A red ribbon symbolizes the efforts to prevent and reduce the use of drugs and alcohol. In 1985, after a tragic murder of a drug enforcement officer, Red Ribbon Week was born. Now, more than 80 million people are involved in this campaign and are wearing red ribbons. This year, Red Ribbon Week is held from October 23rd-31st and our RAHS prevention team, along with our SADD group members (Students Against Destructive Decisions), have developed several activities for students to be involved in this year. One activity that we are hosting is our “Celebrity Wall,” which will educate students on celebrities who were former addicts and some who have even died of an overdose. This interactive display will give information, pose questions to get people thinking, and present ways to prevent substance use. Let’s think about how we can get involved in Red Ribbon Week this year and help make a change!