Grandparents as Parents

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April 1, 2014
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October 7, 2014

You pictured these years as a time you could slow down a little knowing that you worked so hard making a home, raising a family. But instead, you find yourself raising your grandchildren. You are not alone! Many in Michigan, and across the country, find themselves in the same situation.

You may find it helpful to get support from others; the local chapter of Grandparents as Parents is a great place to find information, resources, and also share what you have learned. Check out their website:

(Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County; Grandparents as Parents)

And for general information about grandparents rights check out:

You’re doing important work, so remember: Take care of yourself. Finding time for health check-ups, time to exercise & eat healthy can be challenging. Try to keep connected to friends and family and when they offer to help, take it!

Research supports that health while aging is strengthened by staying active physically & mentally. Your grandchildren are a great connection to “what’s happening now” in the world. Keeping you on-the-ball with the latest computer technology, music, books, dance etc. will be one way of thanking you for all your loving care.