Dental Services

RAHS Dental Services

The RAHS Mobile Unit provides dental exams for RAHS patients in Genesee County in partnership with Mott Children's Health Center. Services are available to youth 21 years old and younger from the community at large. To learn more about dental services, contact your RAHS Health Center.

In Washtenaw County, the RAHS Health Centers partner with Smile Michigan Mobile Dentists to provide dental cleanings and restorative services for patients. Services are offered twice a school year, typically in October/November, and in April/May. Parents may sign up their students by completing a Mobile Dentist form at their RAHS Health Center.

All RAHS patients are eligible for services every 6 months. As with all RAHS services, we accept both insured and uninsured patients with no out-of-pocket charges.

School closures and inclement weather may impact scheduled services.

2018-19 Dental Dates for Genesee County

  • February 21 - Kearsley High School
  • March 7 - Richfield Public School Academy
  • March 21 - Beecher High School
  • April 4 - Carman-Ainsworth High School
  • May 2 - Richfield Public School Academy
  • May 16 - Beecher High School
  • May 30 - Kearsley High School
  • June 20 - Richfield Public School Academy

2018-2019 Dental Dates for Washtenaw County

  • Dec. 7 - Ypsilanti Community Middle School
  • Dec. 10 - Ypsilanti Community High School
  • April 24 - Lincoln Middle School
  • May 10 - Lincoln High School
  • May 20 - Scarlett Middle School