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December 1, 2015
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April 3, 2018

Did you know… March is National Nutrition Month! A whole month dedicated to putting nutrition in the forefront to help us all improve our health and well-being. This year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has chosen to focus the campaign on helping individuals improve their health from morning to night and beyond by improving eating and physical activity habits. As we “Go Further with Food” by making informed decisions we can make a great impact on our own health, the community, and the environment. Consider some of these tips for staying healthy in March and for years to come:

  • Start the day off right with breakfast every day. From an on-the-go smoothies to leftovers and Go Further with Foodeverything in between, eating breakfast helps us focus all day to get the job done. Check out breakfast ideas here.
  • Proper fuel and hydration can help improve performance and results of physical activity no matter if you are a frequent walker on the nearby trails or an Olympic athlete.
  • Help decrease the current over 90 million pounds of food being thrown away by Americans at home or when eating out. Try planning meals and grocery shopping ahead of time, consider using leftovers in new and creative ways, and be mindful of the portion size. Try taking a small step to decrease food waste today.
  • Remember to move your body every day. If a daily gym habit is not your thing, try parking further in the parking lot, go for a walk or bike ride after work/school, stretch on a break, take the stairs whenever possible. See where you can find 30 minutes.

No matter the starting point, eating right does not have to be complicated. Start with small changes like drinking an extra cup of water every day, opting for a smaller piece of dessert at a gathering, or snack on a piece of fruit or cut up vegetables. A registered dietitian can help to develop an individualized plan when ready. Visit your local RAHS health center to set up an appointment or learn more!

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In Good Health,

Jevgenija Meyers, RDN
RAHS Registered Dietitian