Coordination of Care to Meet Your Needs

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November 8, 2015
Year-Round Community Resources
December 1, 2015

At our RAHS Health Centers, we try to work as a team to meet all of the care needs of a student. Sometimes, this means our Nurse Practitioner is referring a student to our Registered Dietitian to help address nutrition concerns for a student, or they are referring to our Social Worker to help address emotional and mental health concerns for a student. To help make sure students are seen for all of their care needs, I help provide a link between our RAHS health providers as well as your student’s Primary Care Physician. A big area this takes place is Asthma – making sure your student has up-to-date spirometry to make sure their prescription is working and an asthma action plan in the event of an asthma attack.

One of the cool things RAHS does is provide students with vision and dental services at their schools during the school day! This is particularly helpful if you have transportation issues or are unable to take time off work to bring your child to a dentist or eye doctor. We help students who have insurance, including all Medicaid plans, and those without insurance. If you are not eligible for a new pair of glasses yet, but lost or broke your pair of glasses please contact us! We have dental services and vision services coming to each of the schools this fall. Please contact your RAHS Health Center or the RAHS Care Coordinator at (734) 998-2208 to find out when these services will be at your student’s school!

At RAHS, we have a variety of Resource Sheets that include information on various “tangible” needs – where you can access them and how:

  • Food Pantries/Meals
  • Clothing/Household Items
  • Transportation Services
  • Housing Needs (Eviction/Homelessness)
  • Financial Assistance and Education
  • Utility Bill Assistance
  • Vision Services – listings for various Medicaid insurances and uninsured
  • Dental Services – listings for various Medicaid insurances and uninsured
  • Primary Care Services – listings for various Medicaid insurances and uninsured
  • Holiday Assistance
  • School Supplies

RAHS staff can help! Please call the RAHS Care Coordinator at (734) 998 -2208 or email at