Winter Health and Wellness

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January 27, 2015
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February 24, 2015

By: Jamie Kakos, MSW Candidate & Shannon Hill, LMSW, CPS-M

78727195The snow is falling, and temperatures are dropping. It is important to stay healthy during these winter months where we can be stuck inside. During flu season it is imperative to keep your hands clean. Studies show that proper hand washing is still one of the most effective methods to reduce the spread of germs. Getting the flu vaccine is another crucial attempt in order to stay healthy. The flu vaccine will aid in reducing your chances of catching the flu.  Continuing to exercise may be difficult to do during the cold and darkness of the winter months. Exercising will increase physical health as well as mental health.

Staying healthy throughout holiday season can also be extremely difficult with all of the celebrating during this time. Try to not over indulge in foods high in fat or sugar. When providing food for friends and family, you can help by making a healthier alternative for everyone to enjoy. To keep your digestion and immune system working best make sure you are providing your body with the proper vitamins and minerals. Taking dietary supplements such as a multi-vitamin and eating foods that are nutritionally rich will help keep you healthy. Finally, resting and getting the proper amount of sleep each night can reduce your chances of getting sick. People who are not getting enough sleep have a higher risk of catching a cold as a result of a weaker immune system. The winter months bring on a lot of challenges, don’t make being sick one of them, and keep your body healthy.