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July 3, 2012
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August 21, 2012
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In case you haven’t been watching, we are half way through the 2012 Olympic Games! Whether or not your favorite sport is included in  the Games, it is thrilling to watch the athletes who have worked tirelessly for years to perfect their technique and endurance. All of their efforts and sacrifices, all of their family and friends support and encouragement, culminating in a single moment in time. It takes a herculean effort and a bit of luck to achieve that level of performance.

Not everyone can be an Olympic athlete. But every one of us is an athlete to some small degree. And just like every Olympian, every athlete – Varsity or Club – needs an annual physical.

Are you planning on competing in high school athletics this year? Have you had your physical? If you haven’t scheduled one yet, click here to download the physical form and contact your RAHS clinic.