We aspire to improve the well-being of students, their families, and communities through our clinical services and programs.

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Physical Health - sports physicals, annual physicals, immunizations
Behavioral Health - individual and group therapy
Tangible Resources - food assistance, clothing closets, and personal items


Message to the community

From Mohamad Khraizat, Director, Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As January wraps up and February gets closer on the calendar, we at the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) are excited to celebrate School-based Health Center Month and the opportunity to reflect on the invaluable contributions of school-based health centers around the country and here in southeast Michigan in fostering the well-being of our youth.

School-based health centers have emerged as beacons of youth-friendly, comprehensive healthcare, offering services beyond what is typically available to youth in schools. At RAHS, we take pride in our commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of youth 21 years old and younger, and our school-based health centers play a pivotal role in achieving this mission.

One of the primary benefits of RAHS school-based health centers is the accessibility they provide to students. By being located within the school building, these centers eliminate access barriers to healthcare, ensuring that students receive timely, appropriate, and convenient medical attention. This not only improves overall health outcomes but also minimizes disruptions to academics.

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals at RAHS understands the unique challenges that youth face today. Through our school-based health centers, we strive to create a safe and confidential space where students can address not only their physical health needs but also their behavioral and emotional well-being. In doing so, we contribute to creating a supportive environment that nurtures the overall development of our youth.

Prevention is a cornerstone of our approach at RAHS, and our school-based health centers are instrumental in promoting health education and preventive care. By fostering a culture of wellness within schools, we empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions about their health. From preventive health education to counseling, our centers provide a comprehensive array of services aimed at equipping students with the tools they need to lead healthy lives.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of RAHS school-based health centers enhances the overall effectiveness of our efforts. By working closely with schools, parents, families Primary Care Physicians, community organizations, and the wider healthcare community, we create a network of support that ensures the health and success of our youth are collective priorities.

As we celebrate School-based Health Center Month, let us recognize these centers' pivotal role in shaping our youth's future. The Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) remains committed to providing accessible, comprehensive, and compassionate healthcare to students across our region. Thank you for your continued support!


Events & Resources

RAHS hosts health education events at our school-based health centers and also participates in community events to improve the health and well-being of our communities.

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